The World’s Loneliest House is an alpine refuge located at 2,760 meters on Italy’s Monte Cristallo

This remarkable alpine shelter on Monte Cristallo, Auronzo di Cadore, Italy, was constructed at an altitude of 2,760 meters during World War I.

Image: luzinthesky

Monte Cristallo, located in the Italian Dolomites, is a long, indented ridge with four peaks exceeding 3,000 meters. The mountain range is now a component of the “Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites,” but during World War I, it was the site of intense fighting between Italy and Austria-Hungary.

The combatants installed heavy ordnance, dug caverns beneath each other’s positions, and blew off the summits of mountains to cause avalanches, resulting in the deaths of thousands. Today, you can traverse the galleries they excavated in the granite. It is both astounding and horrifying.

The armies also constructed numerous bunkers and shelters similar to this one. This structure will certainly survive Armageddon based on its history and distinctive location on the nearly vertical cliff.

Image: luzinthesky

Photo: Gianca

The Dolomites are an enormous mountain range in the northeastern Italian Alps, spanning the regions of Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The Italian Dolomites, which encompass a total area of 141,903 hectares and were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009, are without doubt one of the most dramatic alpine destinations. The visitor is captivated by the unique landscape’s precipitous cliffs, vertical walls, craggy pinnacles, karst plateaus, pastoral valleys, and alpine pastures.

Image: luzinthesky

Photo: Metallaro1980

Not surprisingly, the location is a popular tourist destination with two outstanding via ferratas. A via ferrata, which translates to “iron path” in Italian, is a protected ascending route located in the Alps and other locations.

Fixed steel cables, rungs, or ladders are utilized on via ferratas. Climbers attach a harness with two harnesses, allowing them to secure themselves to the metal fixture and restrict any potential fall. The cable and other fixtures, such as iron rungs (stemples), hooks, engraved steps, bridges, and ladders, also serve as footholds and handholds. Without the hazards of unprotected scrambling and ascending or the need for technical climbing equipment, hikers can climb on otherwise hazardous routes. As an alternative to rock climbing and mountaineering, which both require higher skills and more specialized equipment, these routes offer the general public the opportunity to access difficult summits.

Image: luzinthesky

Image: luzinthesky

Photograph: Tourismus Savognin

Along the routes, there are numerous reminders of World War I, including other shelters in remarkable locations.

Photo: Gianca

Photo: Morscht

Image: luzinthesky

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